Multi-Channel Interaction

Manned Moon Landing VR Simulation

The China Astronaut Research and training Center is served by this project. The project was completed by a team of five people led by me. A scene covering the whole process of manned landing on the moon was built by us within 3 months.

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Node-Based Editing

Gesture Interactive Visual Programming System

In order to improve the efficiency of development and testing in virtual environment, a VR visual programming toolekit based on gesture interaction is proposed. Considering that VR developers need to remove HMD frequently during debugging, we propose that it is necessary to unify the development and debugging of VR software in a virtual environment.

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Bayesian Perception

Mixed Reality Light Estimation

While the information of physical world and virtual object needs to be contained by mixed reality at the same time, scene understanding ability needs to be possessed by HMD. For example, by giving AI the ability to understand illumination, lighting information in a physical scene can be captured and used to render virtual objects.

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Weiye Xiao

PhD Candidate, Southeast University
Technical Director, SEU Advanced Interaction Laboratory
Student Ambassador, Unity Technology

I create a novel way of human-computer interaction based on human factors. I comprehensively use computer vision and computer graphics skills to enhance the immersion and visual coherence in XR.I am committed to building a bridge between computer graphics and human factors by studying the laws of human perception and cognition.

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Computer Graphics

3 years experience in graphics and image development; Good knowledge of graphics and image algorithms; Skilled in cg/hlsl and Unity material system.


Deep Learning

Skilled in deep learning development : Pytorch/Tensorflow2.0+; familiar with popular deep learning network; Excellent paper reading and reproduction ability.


Design & Art

Proficient in PS/AI/Sketch and other graphic design tools; Good knowledge of Blender/SD/SP and other 3D creation software; Have the ability to complete the game DCC workflow independently.