Note: the demo video needs to be played using Youtube


An action puzzle game from the perspective of top-down developed out of personal interest

Considering the development pressure of independent (personal) game makers, this work adopts the combination of pixel style and 2D+3D art. At present, the tuning of art style has been completed, and the problem of light receiving and projection of 2D objects in 3D scene has been solved visually. The next step is to complete the stylized (pixel) real-time rendering of 3D objects, and preliminary progress has been made.Due to my busy work, the development of the game is currently at a standstill, this page only shows the effects of the previous version of the prototype scene. In the future, I will start the development of scenario rapid building tools (plug-ins) to speed up development.

Stylized Rendering

Referring to the ideas of Arc System Works and miHoYo, the effects of PBR, Procedural Geometry Silhouetting and Color Ramp are combined to create a NPR cartoon-style character shader that receives real-time lighting (the demonstration model is from miHoYo).


Pixelize style

Referring to the pixel style rendering method of ElliotB, a custom pipeline for pixel rendering is built in Unity SRP environment, which supports real-time lighting of shading and shadow cast. At present, the effect is still being adjusted, and more detailed constraints need to be added to the secondary pixels.