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The project serves the XX Research Institute of China XXXX Group Co., Ltd.

On the basis of the previous cooperation results, the project improves the whole process of target interception and restores the complete process from monitoring target to intercepting target. In addition, the real-time communication between external data and VR visualization system is realized by TCP communication. Through the temporary buffering and cleaning of real-time data, the smoothness and fluency of the drawn image can be realized. Different visualization schemes are tried for different types of data (radar information, satellite information, target information). A more detailed design is adopted for natural gesture interaction, and a spherical coordinate system combined with the orientation of the hand is introduced to control the movement of the visual angle. The selection of objects and the view of details are controlled by the rays emitted by the right hand. Put different levels of information into different LOD to avoid rendering too many objects on the same screen


Interface Style Design


Element Coding Design