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The project serves the XX Research Institute of China XXXX Group Co., Ltd.

Taking virtual reality as the carrier, multi-channel interaction as the key technology and intelligent situation cognition as the core requirement, this system develops a parallel operation by using multi-channel interaction methods, such as natural gesture interaction, somatosensory interaction, eye control interaction and so on. a virtual reality radar display and control system for real-time monitoring of battlefield situation information.
The system has three-dimensional, interactive and diversified display forms, and integrates a large number of combat designs and new war elements. give the commander a very intuitive battlefield situation simulation in a visual way to make the fighters see the detailed landforms of real-time exercises or combat areas.

The scene contains dynamic ships, aerial targets, and radar rays.

You can switch between the four perspectives through right-hand gesture interaction.You can roam through the scene through left-hand gesture interaction.


Battlefield Information Visualization

Radar Display and cCntrol Scene

The scene contains all kinds of dynamic flying objects and their status information.

You can use gestures to interact with the cards and signs below.When there is a special situation, it will flash the alarm message to prompt the operator.


Visualization of Flight Information

Air Situation Scene

The scene contains intercepted targets and interceptors

You can give instructions to specific units through gestures and somatosensory interaction.This scene simulates the whole process of the target interception mission.


Visualization of Target Information

Target Interception Scene