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The demand for the project comes from the China Astronaut Research and training Center.

The work was done in three months by a team of five led by me. The simulation system simulates the whole process of the manned lunar landing project, which is used to train astronauts in a low-cost environment and help relevant personnel to familiarize themselves with the mission process. The virtual scene built by the project includes a complete view of the interior of the lunar module, part of the lunar surface land, lunar rover and other special equipment. The LeapMotion sensor embedded in the head display is used to recognize the gesture information, and the logic flight joystick is used to map the interactive hardware in the spacecraft. Operators can interact with the scene through natural gestures, simulated rockers, virtual touch interfaces and virtual controls to complete a number of lunar exploration tasks in the virtual environment.

the Exhibition

Chinese Ergonomic Society
Conference of the 19th Management Ergonomics and the first Neurodesign

The project was released in 2019 and was invited to attend the annual meeting of Chinese Ergonomics. As workshop conducted a technical roadshow at the meeting site, the response was enthusiastic, which laid a good foundation for a large number of follow-up project cooperation of the team.


There is a virtual rocker linked with the physical object in the cabin.

The layout reference comes from the space shuttle and Apollo 11 module.
Buttons, knobs and knobs are all movable


Manned Lunar Landing Command Module

Cabin Scene

Logic rocker can be used for teleoperation simulation control.

The throttle lever controls the travel speed, and the directional rocker controls the steering.
The buttons on the joystick are used to activate various lunar exploration functions.


Remotely Operated Lunar Rover

Lunar Surface Exploration

Rendezvous and docking control supporting natural gestures

Convert complex rendezvous and docking instructions into natural gestures
Avoid the influence of heavy spacesuit on the occasional start-up of buttons


Lunar Module and Command Module

Rendezvous and Docking